Preparation Services

PA Motorsports preparation services

The PA Motorsport Team can prepare your car. We specialise in Formula Ford 1600 but do prepare racing cars for other

We can look after your car for an entire season or you can drop
it off for a suspension set-up and gear ratio change if you wish.

We can cater from a small job such as a ratio change and a
pre-race prep to an engine change, rebuild or chassis repair.

We have prepared a variety of racing cars over the years, these
include a Simtek F1 car for the Boss series, F3 GRD that
competed at Monaco, a Merlyn sports racing car and a
Ford Anglia 105e for HRDC events and the Goodwood Revival.

Formula Ford 1600 is our real passion and to
date PA Motorsport has won 12 different Championships
with various drivers in both contemporary and Historic FF1600.